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Bendigo dog racing is arguably the best regional racing hosted in Victoria. The Bendigo Greyhound Racing Association has teamed up with Greyhound Racing Victoria to regularly provide dog racing of the highest calibre every Thursday evening and Monday night at Bendigo Racecourse. The facility is top class and gives patrons…

Bendigo dogs

Bendigo dogs are one of the more popular racing events in the Australian state of Victoria. In fact, their popularity has crossed the boundaries of Victoria and now people from all over Australia are interested in watching these races and keeping an eye on their final outcomes. In recent years, this racing tournament has gained some international prominence as well due to sustained media coverage, among other things.

Bendigo dogs races, being essentially a greyhounds tournament, does not have any separate racing track as they use the Bendigo Jockey Club as their main platform. Special arrangements are made to alter the facilities of a horse racecourse to allow for the racing events of greyhounds. As these races are run over sand track, they allocate a separate section of the racecourse for this purpose where arrangements are made for the races. Given the size of the racecourse along with all the arrangements, Bendigo dogs enjoy a significant amount of spectators’ attendance.Bendigo Dogs

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There are increasingly high numbers of punters that flock to watch these races. Additionally, thousands of others cannot attend these races due to problems of distance and other matters. This, however, does not block them from participating in wagering on the Bendigo dogs as online betting sites provide an excellent option in this regard. They can even wager from overseas on these races as geographical distances do not have any repercussions on online betting sites.

Types of betting

Online betting sites provide a number of options in wagering on Bendigo dogs and other greyhounds racing events. The favourite option of wagering is that of opening a TAB account and then starting the wagers on greyhounds racing event. Another option of wagering includes betting on a fixed odd prepared for a specific event in the races. Punters can wager on the winners of a particular heat during the races; they can also wager on the time taken by a particular greyhound during the race, among other things.

TAB betting, on the other hand, is relatively complex than the simple option of fixed odds wagering. In this type of betting, punters have to open an account with a betting Website and satisfy all the legal requirements in order to gain entry into their wagering platforms. TAB accounts are preferred by punters as it enables them to wager on multiple events at the same time; besides, they also find a permanent wagering option in the form of this account. They can use this account to continue wagering on major and minor events in Bendigo dogs; they can also decide to take a break and instead go for selective wagering.

Before the implementation of any of these options, punters need to complete the process of account opening. Australian regulatory authorities are very specific about the completion of this requirement and would not allow any online betting site to accept new punters if they have not completed these procedures. The following lines give some details about this process and on how to complete this step in the shortest possible time.

Giving the final touches

TAB accounts can be opened by completing a registration form available on these betting Websites. On this form, punters have to enter information about their personal and financial details. They also have to upload their documents regarding address details and identity so that they can be added to the databases of these betting Web sites. This can be easily done by using the uploading option of the Web site and this would hardly take a couple of minutes. Most online betting sites have added a dedicated Web page for this purpose where they provide all the options along with details and tutorials about this process.

After they have completed this procedure, they would be issued with usernames and passwords to gain entry into the betting platforms of the Web site. Before that, they also need to pay a small fee in subscription charges. This fee is also known as the account opening charges and is as compulsory as the process of registration. Punters, however, do not have to worry about the payment schedules as they will be using their credit cards for this purpose.

Completion of all the requirements means that punters are free to pursue their betting strategies. If they have opened a TAB account, they can enter a small or medium amount of money into them so that they do not have to worry about any future transactions. This money can be used on wagering on Bendigo dogs races. Punters can decide about the schedule of betting by either selecting a weekly or monthly schedule.

In weekly schedule, they will have to wager on every racing event during a week; although this option will add robust cash into their coffers, they also need to have a large amount to continue wagering. Flexible option, on the other hand, allows punters to bet on their favourite races and championships instead of a regular wagering. Most punters decide in favour of this type and select some specific races and championships for this purpose.

In any type of wagering, punters do not have to undertake any hassles or go through lengthy procedures. They can complete all of these wagering from their homes, offices and other places where they can access the Internet. Online betting has become their best companion in winning larger prizes and improving their understanding of the game.